Copywriter. Optimist.
Brand Builder.

Digital marketer, skilled in producing attention-grabbing content.

Jacqueline Chase


I'm a versatile writer with fast-paced agency experience. 

My portfolio includes engaging content on a variety of marketing platforms, each created to build brand recognition and awareness. I enjoy crafting impactful brand messaging and tag lines, SEO-focused website content, eye-catching AD copy, as well as providing smart social media strategy and project management you can count on.

Interested in taking a peek at my creative work? 

I'm happy to share my portfolio with you. Send me a quick message with the type of content or marketing piece you'd like to preview and I'll deliver a live link or document. 

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Chase Creative Marketing Network

Need a dynamic website, eye-catching logo, memorable brand video, or a custom app? I have the perfect person in mind. 

I work with a network of rockstar digital marketing professionals - each  an expert in their particular skill. From programming and web analytics to photography and graphic design, I can connect you with a creative expert that can get the job done. 

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

Connect With Me

I'm a traveling writer, with Downtown Wilmington roots. 

Writing while wandering fuels my creative spirit. Ask me where I've been recently, and I will gladly share with you a great story.